Our overarching approach is to ensure that there are local ‘place based plans’ so that people can get the care they need as close to home as possible. Each of the four places has developed or is developing its own model of care to meet local needs, but they share the same aims.

The plans will deliver community based, integrated health and care services through ‘accountable care systems’. These involve health and care organisations working together to share resources and take joint responsibility not just for treating people but helping them to stay healthy, tailoring their services to the needs of individuals. The aims are to:

  • Help people to stay well
  • Support people to manage existing conditions and retain their independence
  • Avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

More community-based care is not only better and more convenient for local people, it also reduces the pressure on our hospitals. The evidence shows that we will not have enough hospital beds across the STP to meet future needs if demand continues rising as it has done.

The four place based plans are:

  • Coastal Care (Coastal West Sussex)
  • Central Sussex and East Surrey Alliance – North
  • Central Sussex and East Surrey Alliance – South
  • East Sussex Better Together