Coastal Care
(Coastal West Sussex)

Health and care partners in Coastal West Sussex have developed a shared plan called ‘Coastal Care’. It sets out a bold ambition for the future of the local NHS, one that makes integrated care a reality.

Integrated care means caring for people as a whole, rather than separating them out into their problems and conditions; it means looking at the health of whole communities rather than just the ‘sick’ people within them, and preventing illness before it takes hold.

Health and care partners have been working to develop how care can be delivered differently for people in Coastal West Sussex. This will mean changing the way services work together, and how organisations work.

The ambition for ‘Coastal Care’ is about working in better ways for people, moving services from a fragmented, illness-focused and complex system, to one which organises itself around communities.

Local Community Networks have been established to provide NHS and social care services closer to people’s homes. The LCNs bring together primary care, community health teams, secondary care, mental health, social care, district and boroughs, and the voluntary sector to improve the care provided to local people and local communities, improve health outcomes and drive a greater level of efficiency across the whole system.

Last year a detailed Delivery Plan was agreed, which sets out four key programme areas:

  • Prevention – supporting people to start well, live well and age well
  • Frail and Ageing Population – improving the care and coordination for our frail and ageing patients
  • Urgent Care – transforming the services that local people use when they need help urgently (not an emergency)
  • Local Community Networks – through which services will be provided to local communities

The ambition for ‘Coastal Care’ is to take good care and make it excellent, working together as partners to improve the health and wellbeing of the population, to improve outcomes for individuals and to deliver better value for money.