Commissioning reform

Changing the way we provide health and care services means we also need to change the way we commission them. Commissioners (who plan, buy and quality assure services of behalf of their local populations) have decided to work together to make it easier to commission services jointly and so they can better share resources and expertise.

Several of the CCGs in the area have been sharing various management functions for some time. Now, through the STP, all eight CCGs in the partnership have agreed work more closely together and streamline approaches through joint appointments in quality, contracting and strategic commissioning.

In addition, the four Central Sussex CCGs (Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex, Brighton and Hove and High Weald Lewes Havens) have established the Central Sussex Commissioning Alliance. East Surrey CCG will also be joining this alliance in the coming months. The alliance is not a formal merger. However, it does have a single management team, operating plan and delivery approach to streamline commissioning.

There are currently no plans to merge the CCGs or governing bodies. Each CCG will remain accountable to its local community for the services they receive and each will retain its governing body and board, the strong clinical leadership of GPs, and continued engagement with local people.