The STP is overseeing the development of the Local Maternity System (LMS) for Sussex and East Surrey.

Local Maternity Systems have been set up across the country to deliver the improvements set out in Better Births, the Five Year Forward View for Maternity Services published by NHS England in 2016.

The vision of Better Births is to:

  • Offer maternity services that are safer, more personalised, more caring and family-friendly
  • Ensure every woman has access to information to enable her to make decisions about her care
  • Provide support that is centred around the individual needs and circumstances of each woman and her baby
  • Support staff to deliver personalised care, with continuous learning
  • Promote innovation and break down organisational and professional boundaries to improve care.

The LMS is developing a Local Maternity Offer, setting out clearly the full range of services available across the LMS and how to access them. This includes targeted services for women who need additional support such as mental health services and help to mange their health during pregnancy. The offer will be available online and in a range of other formats.

The work on the LMS is being led by Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group on behalf of all the partners, chaired by the senior GP from West Sussex and supported by South East Clinical Networks, part of NHS England. We are involving service users and their families, local providers and commissioners, clinicians, GPs, nurses and other health professionals in helping to design the Local Maternity Offer.

We are working closely with the West Kent Maternity Choice and Personalisation Pioneer and Surrey Heartlands LMS Early Adopter in the development of our Local Maternity Offer. These projects have been set up to forge ahead and test new ways of working to deliver the ambitions of Better Births so that their learning can be shared with others.

We are also supporting the development of local Maternity Voices Partnerships as a formal forum for woman, and their partners and families, to give feedback and get involved the on-going development of local maternity services. Alongside this, we have been working closely with the local Maternity Service Liaison Committees and reaching out to women and families through targeted engagement and surveys.

Like the STP, the LMS is a partnership rather than an organisation in its own right. The responsibility for commissioning maternity services remains with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), local authorities and NHS England. However, by working together in this way as part of the STP, the LMS enables local services to offer joined-up services and make the best use of the available resources to improve care and outcomes for women and babies.

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