Help us help you stay well this winter

It may be getting cold outside and winter feels like it’s finally here, but it needn’t be the unhealthiest time of year for you and your family.

There are lots of things people can do to prepare for winter and stay well during the colder months.

Keep Warm – It is important to keep warm in winter – both inside and outdoors. Keeping warm over the winter months can help to prevent a range of health problems from colds to more serious conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

  • Heat your home to at least 18oC (65oF). You may want your living room to be slightly warmer, as you may be sitting still for longer – keep active indoors even if its trip to the kitchen for a cuppa tea.
  • Keep your bedroom windows closed on winter nights. Why? Because breathing in cold air can be bad for your health as it increase the risk of chest infections.
  • If you have an open fire or wood burner, make sure you have had your chimney swept. If you have a gas fire – make sure they are safe – contact a gas safe registered engineer to check its working properly.

Looking out for others

Remember that other people, like older neighbours, friends and family members, may need a bit of extra help over the winter. There’s a lot you can do to help:

  • Salting icy pavements and driveways – Icy areas can be very dangerous and may stop some people from getting out and about. If you can, salt the slippery areas around yours and their homes.
  • Keep in touch with your friends, neighbours and family and ask if they need any practical help, or if they’re feeling under the weather.
  • Make sure they’re stocked up with enough food supplies for a few days, in case they can’t go out. If they do need to go out in the cold, encourage them to wear shoes with a good grip and a scarf around their mouth to protect them from the cold air to reduce their risk of chest infections.
  • Make sure they get any prescription medicines before the Christmas and New Year bank holidays, especially is the weather is forecast to be bad.